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Flanders Today // The powers that be
Flanders’ 10 most influential women on work, convictions and choices.

In 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. The following year, National Women’s Day was observed in the US, eventually spreading to the rest of the world and recognised every 8 March. As statistics on work, violence and poverty show, the struggle for equity continues. We spoke to three of Flanders’ most influential women about their jobs, their personal lives and their dedication to their convictions.
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Flanders Today // Citizen Initiatives Against Poverty
As the euro-zone crisis takes its toll on unemployment and poverty levels, a number of average citizens in Flanders are taking the initiative to do something to help. While we found some who set out to help the poor directly, many are simply encouraging everyone to live more simply and share more generously.
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Flanders Today // Sp.a opens debate on expanding euthanasia law
Belgium has one of the most liberal euthanasia legislations in the world, and yet there are still many citizens who cannot make use of it. Spurred on by the law’s 10-year anniversary, some politicians are beginning to ask the question: Should minors and people suffering from dementia also be allowed to choose euthanasia?
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The NextWomen // Profile of Iba Masood, founder of Gradberry
Before me sits Iba Masood, a twenty-three year old Dubai-based entrepreneur and finalist of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award who, together with her co-founder Syed Ahmed, has developed an web-based career portal that helps address one of the world’s most worrying trends: rising youth unemployment.
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The NextWomen // World Women's Forum – reflections
This week marks the 7th edition of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville, France. While many of the topics discussed are the same as previous years, here’s what’s glaringly different about this year’s forum: there are loads of research reports floating around.
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IPS News // Interview with Marleen Temmerman
Roughly 134 million women are “missing” worldwide as a result of sex-selective abortions and neglect of newborn girls. Complications in childbirth are responsible for the deaths of over 350,000 women annually, 99 percent of them from developing countries.

Against this backdrop, the appointment this past October of fifty-nine-year-old Marleen Temmerman – known as ‘Mama Daktari’ in Kenya, where she worked as a gynaecologist for many years – as head of the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a promising move in the right direction.

IPS correspondent Sabine Clappaert spoke to Temmerman, an illustrious Belgian physician, about her plans to weave the reproductive health agenda tightly into the WHO’s mission.
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IPS News // Entrepreneurs and Women: Key to Growth in Africa
RThe international financial crash of the late 2000s created more than a global economic recession: it accentuated popular doubts about the paradigms on which our economies are built and prompted a closer look at two crucial drivers of economic growth: women and entrepreneurship.

At the recently concluded Women’s Forum held in France earlier this month, a pivotal point on the agenda was how to promote sustainable economic and social development in the world’s second fastest growing region: Africa.
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The Word // Upper Crust
If you remember just one thing about this paper on dining etiquette, let it be this: never, ever upstage anyone. Even if you know that what they’re doing is incorrect or terribly impolite, etiquette demands that you always remain gracious. “Whatever you may have been told, etiquette is first and foremost about making people feel at ease,” says Brussels etiquette coach Melody Kissoon.
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