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A life that spans stays on three continents, from the dusty plains of Africa to the fertile east coast of Australia and the bustling streets of Europe.

A personality best embodied by a father's nickname for his inquisitive daughter: "The Why Kid".

An outspoken third-wave feminist that believes she can have her cherry cake and lick the whipped cream off her fingers too.

An African soul with Belgian roots that never misses an opportunity to watch strange East-European movies with bad English sub-titles.

For the motto splashed across my marching banner I humbly borrow from the irrepressible Tom Robbins: "There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum."

Name: Sabine Clappaert
Studied: Marketing, Information Technology
Is passionate about: exploring, writing, Africa, asking questions.
Refuses to put her lips to: Brussels sprouts.
Most over-used word: Super!
Can't understand why people: are cruel to animals.
Thinks that men should learn to: multi-task - happily.
Thinks that women should learn to: not take things so personally.
Is secretly fan of: Watching World Cup rugby matches and Poker Championships.
If her house burns down would first rescue books by: Tom Robbins, Antje Krog, Anais Nin, Koos Kombuis, Riaan Malan, J.M. Coetzee.

2010 - Sabine Clappaert